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Meet the face
behind the posts

     The need I saw in women made me want to start this blog! I saw powerful women feeling and believing they were powerless. My purpose is to pull from them what is already in them: Purpose, intelligence, beauty and destiny. I want them to know that with or without an education, with or without conventional beauty or with or without a pedigree; they were born possessing a great power.

     The power to birth life: naturally and spiritually as well as birthing their own destiny. How powerful is that?! God designed us perfectly to be able to carry other people naturally and spiritually because we are by nature nurturers. Which gives us the ability to nurture other women. So my desire is that in this blog; jealousy is dismantled, competition is pushed aside and that women take the power of carrying each other to their next level without an agenda. Just the desire to add to other women and empower them!

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