We All Rise!

Evangelist Crystal Prier

Joshua 10:40-43 says, "Joshua took the whole country: hills, desert, foothills, and mountain slopes, including all kings. He left no survivors. He carried out the holy curse on everything that breathed, just as God, the God of Israel, had commanded. Joshua’s conquest stretched from Kadesh Barnea to Gaza and from the entire region of Goshen to Gibeon. Joshua took all these kings and their lands in a single campaign because God, the God of Israel, fought for Israel. Then Joshua, all Israel with him, went back to the camp at Gilgal." - MSG

Ladies, as women of God, not only do we take into consideration the state of our households, our children, our jobs and finances but most of us also take into consideration the state of the world we live in. And no matter what, our testimony is, and prayerfully will always be, that God is good to us.

It can be very difficult, at times, when we look on every hand and see issues arising in our lives and in the lives of those we hold near and dear to us. However, through it all we can

testify that God is a shield and a buckler. If you were to be honest with yourself, there has been times where it seems that all you have is opposition coming against you. Opposition in your relationships whether they be family, friends, spouse, children or co-workers. Opposition in your body, in your mind, and against your spirit. Your mental and physical health in a crisis. It feels like you're fighting to keep your sanity. Fighting to make it through each day. Fighting to keep your head above water.

When we peruse the scriptures, the Holy Bible states that it's with a mind that we serve God. If this is true in the lives of God's people then that means that the enemy will use anyone and anything to keep us distracted from what matters most; and that's being a servant of the Most High God! What you will have to come to the conclusion of, for yourself, is that serving doesn't make you weak. It takes a strong person to serve and an even stronger individual to serve God. Being the King's kid is never an easy feat, however, it has it's perks. 

In the midst of serving the Lord, He defeats everything that attempts to rise up against you. Can I tell you how off the chain the Lord is? That He will make sure that those who are connected to you are triumphant! In other words, since God be for us, He's more than the world against us! So, let me dive a little deeper into this scripture.

In this text, we see an exemplary personification of this principle. Here we find Joshua, the successor of Moses. He's crossed the Jordan River with Israel. He's seen the fall of Jericho with Israel. Now he's defeated the five kings (the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish and Eglon) with Israel. To all my Bible Scholars, we understand that five represents grace. This is an indication to me that LADIES YOU HAVE THE GRACE TO GET THROUGH IT! Whatever your "it" is, understand that God has equipped you to get through it! It's okay that you can't get over it. It's fine that you can't go through it. It's no hard feelings if you can't get around it. Know that you have the grace to get through it!

Before I start going off on a tangent, let me get back to the scripture at hand. The Bible says that the Lord made a promise to Joshua and the children of Israel. He said that they would have a threefold victory over their enemy. The scriptures state that Joshua and the children of Israel were given the victory before they even encountered the kings. The Bible says that the Lord discomforted them. That means prior to the children of Israel's interaction with the five kings, God set it up so good that the enemy's plans were frustrated and perplexed to the point that the enemy was put into a state of embarrassment. King David said it best, "When the enemy comes to eat at my flesh, they stumble and fell".

The Bible says that the fight got so good in Israel's favor that the five kings became scared and ran into a cave. Joshua gave an order to put a rock in front of the cave so that they couldn't go anywhere. These were the ones who made the executive decision to come against the people of God. God's people did as they were told. They finished off the armies of the enemy and then destroyed the kings themselves. Not only that, they put the bodies of the kings back in the cave.

"What are you telling me Evangelist?" The Lord wanted me to tell you to look around; because the enemy you thought had you beat, outnumbered and who you thought was winning in your life God flipped the script! You won't see it anymore!

Can I go just a little bit deeper?

The very thing that the enemy hid in (the cave) they thought was their safe place or their place of refuge. That would have been true, had Joshua not told Israel to shut the mouth of the cave with a stone. That place of refuge became the enemy's burial ground!

There is power in unified obedience! In this time of pandemic, the enemy wants to isolate and destroy the people of God. Now isn't the time to give in! When one rise, we all must rise! Now is the time to become the children of the Most High God! 

The Bible says, that when it was all over, the children of Israel returned to Gilgal. This is the place where two things took place. The first was separation took place there and this is the place where they solidified their testimony. They went back to the place where they saw God bring them through the Jordan River and then had one man from each tribe go back into the middle of the river to pull out stones that symbolized that God is faithful and that He can see you through ANYTHING!

So, come what may, we all rise!

Through hell and high water, we all rise!

Let the enemy try his best, because through it all we serve a God who will never leave us, nor forsake us!