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The Remake: My Journey to Spiritual and Natural Health

This is me and my son Israel! Take a good look at my face. It is the last time you will see it this fat! (LOL) It's true. I have been spiritually, physically and naturally exhausted! I have been sick and uncomfortable with the size I am now. I pride myself on being creative. Lately, I have fallen in the trap of living like everyone else. Lazy, sedentary and not living up to my full potential. I share this with you today because the the last 4 Days I have been fasting! Yes, I said fasting! This is my 5th day fasting. I started out with an absolute fast and praying because I realized a lot of breakthroughs in my life would not happen without fasting because the The Word of God says it. Then I started after day 1, what is now called Intermittent Fasting!I will explain it more in the weeks to come. I had to ask myself this Question.... Was God only talking about spiritually?? As I probed the word and dissected Isaiah 58 I realized fasting was just not for spiritual benefit, however that was the ultimate accomplishment! It also made you healthier naturally. See, I am learning everything God does it is Spiritual and Natural. His objective is complete balance in our life. The fruit of the Spirit called temperance is most Christians' biggest struggle. We want to over do everything, food, love and just life it self! Since I am a Texan we really have a bad habit of excess! Ha! It's true! The last four days have brought so much clarity, understanding, removed so much confusion and not to mention I have lost 7 pounds! Yes I look better and feel better! In the weeks to come I will explore Isaiah chapter 58 with you in my Blog! Fasten your seat belt here we go! Lets lose our weight, issues, heavy burdens, insecurities, hatred, unforgivness together! Lets Go!!!


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