Driving & Going Nowhere

Today I was driving. Praying and thinking. I know I am at a point of breakthrough because I can feel the pressures of life and loss hitting me all at one time. I almost let worry take over than the spirit of God kicked in. I know there is no need for me to worry. I was driving and thinking. God said where are you going. I said well not sure, I just needed to get away. God said this to me, "there is no need to get away when you are going nowhere. I have plans for you. Never set out on any driving excursion going nowhere. I need you to think about you purpose and always have a place in mind." Listen every where God is trying to take you there is a destination in mind. He just want you to write the vision and carry it out. Every where God is taking you is a part of your Purpose. There is a plan  for your life my friends. God has the blue print. Always drive going where God is directing! "Nowhere" is a destination that takes you to the point of despair but allowing God to drive allows you to cruise to your greater destiny.

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