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Yes I made up a word! (LOL) I thought of this word because if I am honest my focus has been off. I was looking at the word bifocals which means to have two optical powers. I thought about that and how unfocused I have been the last couple of months but with no powers lol. Sometimes, we become so distracted with noise that it takes away our focus. What do you mean Kay? So glad you asked, Ha!, Meaning the noise of life, other people's opinions, disappointments, failures, old wounds, new wounds, shaded Facebook post can sometimes shift your focus into, "maybe they are right" moods or "who do I think I am to succeed" feelings. Hear me well, flip the switch! Pray, read positive inspiration every day (Psalm & Proverbs), put ever motivational positive pod cast and YouTube in your ears!, Exercise!, Create your own positive affirmation, Shutdown social media if you have to but regain who you are and your focus! Focusing on more than one thing especially something designed to destroy you, will make you lose who you are and your creativity! You know who God designed you to be! Focus on your passion again! Drown out all the noise! The noise is anything that keeps you Bi-Focused instead of Focused! Don't live your life through the opinions and negative words of others, including your self! Be mindful, live coherently! Think in each moment of your life! Be present in every conversation and every productive idea you have! Watch what happens! Focus! Focus! Focus! Be present with yourself and your future will be with successful intent! #CrownsAndDiamonds #EmPOWomen


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