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Deactivation means to make (something typically technical equipment or virus) inactive by disconnecting or destroying it. Ha! Yesssss!!! There are somethings, people thinking, insecurities, jealousies that we have allowed to become Viruses in our lives....We listen and take in things from broken and hurting people. We would rather believe negative, hateful mean lies rather than real truth! Oh Yes, I can testify.... IN THE PAST!!, I have said and allowed others to talk negatively about other people and sometimes put in my two cents, under the premise of its "The Truth". However, even when you change, the enemy will still try to bring things to you. I don't care what you see, you must reject the spirit of talking about others and any negative thinking. It's important to remove those things from your life, because you reap what you sow. The Bible says it like this.... Whatsoever a man soweth, THAT SHALL he also reap!...Can I pause here parenthetically??...

The TH in soweth means to indicate the action or consequence of growth! MY MY MY... Yes there are consequences to your growth when you sow wrongly!.. Oh it's coming back! Ha! I have reaped so many things and I deserved it!.... But, I am so Thank you for the Lord's mercy and not just his mercy, him showing me how to extend it, because trust me, things maybe good now, but as Bishop Morrison use to tell us....KEEP LIVING!! LOL I remember a sermon that Lady Warren preached when I was young, " She said, "The Whole Head Is Sick" Isaiah 1:5! (What a word she preached). It has always brought me back to HOLINESS every time I think about that word! Let me tell you THIS HEAD HERE (meaning me) Will be WHOLE, healthy and HOLY! TODAY I have never been at so much peace on this wonderful PENTECOST weekend! What helped me?? I am glad you asked! I had to DEACTIVATE!!!.. I woke up one morning Holy Spirit softly whispered "You need to deactivate, I don't have your ear, "people" do.....MY MY MY!!!..... I decided on my own to deactivate my Facebook for a while and other communication, television and anything that distracted me from further growth in Christ! I was praying, and encouraging and still reading my word, but I needed a word for myself!Trust me the ones you think, always got it together....DON'T!! Teach HOLY GHOST!!..... In order to go deeper, sometimes that means the removal and destruction of things that will hinder your spiritually.... Some of us are fine on Facebook, but we can't deactivate from issues, people, or our own insecurities, we assume the wrong things and have the wrong thoughts and call it HOLY! NO NO NO NO!! God is not pleased! The Bible says in Philippians 4:8-9 Finally brethren whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, THINK on these things..... My Thoughts, Love and Prayers right now are with George Floyd's family, friends and his city. I am learning to switch my focus from "little old me" so I can help others.... Lately, my prayers have been meaningful and powerful, my thoughts have been peaceful and loving and my heart has been open for better and no longer bitter!But most of all GOD IS PLEASED WITH ME! I GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY! #WhatAreYouThinkingAbout #PrayersForGeorgeFloydsFamily #ChangeYou


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