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What's In Your Box?

The Alabaster Box! We have read all about it. If we haven't read about it, surely we have heard the story of the Lady who possessed it. She was looking for love in all the wrong places and kept coming up empty. Have you been there before? Looking for love from certain people or just aimlessly wanting to find that wonderful someone who can love you like no one else can? We have all experience this feeling. She didn't lack of money, men or things. What she was lacking and didn't realize it was lack of spirit. She was missing one of the things that completely fills up what is needed most inside. He most prize possession was her Alabaster Box. It was worth so much more than all the cheap thrills she had experienced! Then, one day in the middle of her life. She heard about a man that sounded worth more than that box was ever worth. She had already experienced men in so many ways but this man would quench the thirst of happiness she was missing! How many of you need him the quench that thirst that nothing could? She took her most prize possession and washed his feet with it! She was willing to give up what she treasured most for  "The Treasure!" She realized the satisfaction was giving Jesus what she thought was more important for his importance. See, everything you really need is in Jesus! What was in her alabaster box was not just what she treasured but what had caused her to become treasure! All her pain, experiences, good and bad was inside this box! She took all of her life and poured it on him, in exchange for his life! She traded what was in her box for his peace! Listen, What's In Your Box?


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