Koryan White

Most Holy and Gracious God,


The Father of all Creations. We thank you for Blessing us to experience new life every day. Thank you for covering and protecting us from the hands of the enemy. You are sovereign, you are the true and living God, the only wise God, the great I Am, you are amazing, and you are EVERYTHING we need!!


Lord, we want to repent to you for things we have done, knowing and unknowingly, that was unpleasant to you. We repent from our hearts and we thank you for your forgiveness God! We just want to thank you from our hearts for being so wonderful to us. We appreciate you for how you continue to love us through each day, good and bad. There is no greater love than your love Lord Jesus. We thank you for the gift and miracle for being your chosen vessels; for bringing forth new life. Father, we are your daughters and we desire to be used by you. We desire to be pleasing unto you in every area of our lives. Use us for your Glory and for your Power that you may be Glorified, In the Name of Jesus!

In your mighty name, we lift up every woman and young woman throughout the world who have endured pain, suffering, and heartache in this world. Father, we ask that your Supernatural Healing will began to overwhelm every woman. Strengthen every woman like never before. Many of us, women, do not recognize our true strength and power but with you, Lord God, we know that you will reveal to us and help us to recognize who we are in you.


Lord, help us to forgive and stay strong in Your Word. Teach us, Lord, to be Wise Women, to be Clean Women, to be Virtuous Women, to be Prudent Women, to be Loving Women, and women who Represents the very Presence of God. Teach us to build up one another, encourage one another, support one another in the Name of Jesus! Lord, empower us through Your Word, empower us through your Spirit, empower us by Your Might, we want to be empowered by you Jesus!


We lift up every mother. Those who are also becoming new mothers, we uplift you in the Name of Jesus!

Every mother who has lost a child or loved ones in this world of violence, God, we ask that you comfort them, give them peace, give them hope, help them to put their faith in you in these trying times. We speak life to every woman. THERE’S LIFE IN JESUS! THANK YOU FOR LIFE LORD GOD! Thank you for breathing life back into these Great Women of God. Help us to stand and be bold for the Kingdom of God in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We decree your Word over us now. Your will be done in our lives Lord. And we speak that we have the Victory In Jesus Name! Amen!