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Course Correction!

I just bought this wonderful, thick and makes me look, oh so holy (lol) new Bible. It has the King James Version and the Amplified side by side. So anyone who knows me, knows that those are my two favorite Bibles to read and study from. There is a scripture that I love and declare almost every day and it's Psalm 37: 5, and it says, Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he will bring it to pass. The amplified version says, commit your way to the Lord: trust in Him also and He will do it! I have read this verse of scripture over the years about a thousand times but today, looking out the window into my backyard I envisioned the two paths. I looked up the word "Way", and it said, a method, style or manner of doing something. However, what really stood out to me is where the definition presented similar words or phrases for the word "Way". The phrase that stood out is "course of action." Wow, is what came to mind, like Oprah says, an "Ah Ha" moment, because when we commit our ways, plans or course of action to The Lord, and trust and believe that he will fully support will happen! We don't have to question, Will God bless me with this job?, Will God bless me with this fine man to be my husband?, Does God really have a plan for my life?... When reading God's word we can take full assurance in the fact that he will do EXACTLY, without question, what he said he will do!... Why??? Because he, lovely ladies, is God Like That! The problem comes along, when our course of action, gets off course with God's plan for our life. When this happens, it is time to go inward! Going inward is one of my strategies God gave me so that I don't allow the enemy to plague my mind! So, I remove all distractions and people from my life, and talk to God and get the plan all over again! Course corrections means change or correcting an action, so that your "Way' works better! How many of you understand that in life sometimes you need to make adjustments and improvements to yourself or your "Way" in order for you to bounce back from setbacks!... Setbacks can knocked the wind out of you! Setbacks can be a death of a loved one, a demotion on your job, having to close your business, or maybe you have to stop going to school for a moment because your focus is off, a really big one is the loss of a long loving relationship you thought would last forever, and now Boo is more like a Bomb (lol).... Trust that the God in you, will correct your course! Psalm 40:2 says that He, meaning God, brought me up also out of an horrible pit of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock and established my goings! Sometimes, life will throw a curve ball, my Philosophy, is when life does throw a curve ball, adjust to curve and catch the ball! God is our adjustment to the curve. He pulls us up from all the dirt, and junk of our life and establish, which means to set on a firm foundation a new path! A better way of thinking and moving! Sometimes, it maybe a simple connection with the right person at just the right time!... In life, although we have a "course of action," sometimes God has to do a course correction. It don't always mean your "way" was wrong, it just means His way, was Bigger and Better! Make the adjustment and enjoy your new found path!




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