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Discipline and Consistency

See this picture! I was much smaller than I am now. (Sigh) See, let me explain. Discipline and Consistency are two words that I have a love hate relationship with. I love them because when I am fully aware and implementing these two words in my everyday life, I thrive! My problem comes in when I decide that I have had enough of them both and stop..OMG! My whole life becomes chaotic! Those two words are not something God will do for us, in fact he wants us to make a choice to be disciplined and consistent in every area of our life. Why? Because when I am disciplined I am balanced, aware and responsible for my actions. When I am consistent it produces progress! Both hold the key to living a life of excellence.. mind, body and spirit. I am actually now back on my weight loss journey, however, I had two revelations, Those words are not destinations they are a continued lifestyle of transformation. The Bible tells us that God is a rewarder to them that diligently (consistently) seek him! Seeking God leads us to excellence, in our homes, in our careers and in relationships. Our goal is to realize that these words are not destinations and once you see the desired results you stop. Stopping always pull me backwards. The Bible tells us to go on to perfection so we don't have to repeat repentance. Well, it's the same when we have weight loss goals, career goals and anything we are trying to accomplish... We must remember that Discipline and Consistency will alway give us desired results but we must also keep using them to perfect the things that concerns US!


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