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Use Your Words! Deliverance Comes With Discipline! #JustSayNo #ToYou

How we speak to ourselves is imperative to our wellbeing! It's impossible to be healthy mentally when our focus is negativity, jealousy, a lack of self importance, or anything that pushes your mood to a derogatory self concept and also a derogatory view of other people. In my fasting last week, it heightened my awareness and my memories. Some memories I had to unpack are the times in my life where I felt I didn't want to exist anymore. It's not something I talk about because it can make you feel vulnerable and unprotected to talk about mental health issues that you actually dealt with, but the good thing is I OVERCAME them! I remember not liking anything about my self dealing with my own insecurities and other issues in my life! I was just tired! Tired of thinking, tired of being unhappy! I was tired of trying to please everyone! Dealing with constantly thinking bad thoughts about yourself and bad thoughts about others can take its toll on your perception of how life is! I looked for something to go wrong all the time! My thoughts were scattered and all of them where negative, unhappy, sad and unhealthy! The Bible says whatsoever a man thinks in his heart so is he! I knew with in myself I just didn't want to live anymore, well I thought I didn't! I didn't even read the Bible a lot back then, I wasn't a practicing Christian at that time, all I knew is I couldn't keep thinking and speaking the way that I was the rest of my life... SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE! At my sisters house one day I was crying about how tired I was of this world, I was just tired of living! I heard a voice, a very small voice say GET UP! I was like I am standing up!...It (what I thought at the time of course IT was actually God)... but it said to me! Get up! I got up! I got a Bible and I remember the scripture that said, God is nigh unto the broken hearted and saveth the one with a contrite spirit! (Paraphrasing). I was like oh yeah! I definitely feel broken and I do at this moment have a contrite ( remorseful) heart!!!! I cried all day! It was a Monday and I was thinking and actually saying to God, okay God if you are real, I am going to Mother's Prayer tomorrow and I need you to save me! I called my Mom she picked me up for Mother's Prayer! In the middle of prayer, I remember saying Save me, I am unhappy save me, I am empty save me! I am misrable save me! Although I looked all cute on the outside. Lol ...All the pain, hurt, trouble, negative words, low self esteem it just begin to disappear ( not that it hasn't tried to raise its ugly head lol) BUT at that very moment God was simply telling me... I am Real! I love you! You matter! Receive Deliverance! It's Free! Believe!You are so important to me!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 The love I felt was so different than anything I had ever experienced! The REST my mind felt was incomprehensible! I had never felt so much peace! God had entered my heart! (I'm crying now lol) and I never wanted this feeling to leave!!! He began, at that moment to transform how I thought about myself and others and slowly I started changing my words from ungodly to goldy! The love of God was so strong in my heart I had a new deep compassion for everybody!...What I realized is that my change began when I remembered HIS WORD! broken heart and contrite spirit! HIS WORD! The Bible has the ability to transform anybody's life! I always say that it's not just a book you read but while you are reading it the words are so FULL of His spirit They jump right into your heart! The more I read The Word of God the more my life changed! The Bible says be not conform to THIS world BUT be ye TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind! I have told the story of receiving Salvation many times, however no one knew that suicide was something I was determined to do until today! BUT GOD! HE TOUCHED ME! 🙌🏾 My prayer is that whoever is reading this and has not learned how to stop their mind from racing with all kinds of thoughts especially negative and suicidal ones.... I want you to know There is REST in the presence of God! There is a peace that will surpass all YOUR understanding you must CHANGE your perspective. And USE YOUR WORD, not just your words but HIS WORDS and your life will change! Yes I still have trouble and trials but I HAVE the power of Holy Spirit to navigate through life's challenges! Holy Spirit gives you power! The more you get to know God and meditate on his word the more POWER your have! Once you desire change, change finds YOU! 💎👑 #DiamondsAndCrownsEmPOWomen


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