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Stop Toxic Thinking! You have the Power to Change Your Thoughts!

Dr. Caroline Leaf said, "Toxic thinking wears down your brain."

I have been reading her books over and over again. I am learning that I can control my thoughts and my focus. The Bible says it this way and bringing every thought into captivity (2 Corinthians 5:10). I have the ability to capture, not just one thought, but every thought and make it a positive. I use to believe my mind told me this or that but now I realize those toxic thoughts are from the enemy and from the seat of my emotions. I remember in my teen years, I would let sadness, unhappiness and anger rule me: Because I thought my mind was telling me to do so. I now realize that we have the ability to control and dictate what we think about. We have the power to control our minds. Dr. Caroline leaf says, "What we think about the most grows." You may say, How can I change my mind? It is simple be conscious of what your are thinking about and if it is negative and will cause harm to the mind, thus causing harm to the body, first pray and then replace that negative thought with something good. Yes, you are that powerful! Pull from your subconscious something positive that happen to you to change your feelings first and then bring those feelings into a new thought you create for something new you want to happen in your life! Stay focused and your whole outcome will change! You will feel better, your body will feel better and you will see hope in your new found idea. Yes, thoughts are powerful but only if we give it power! 


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